We serve the greater Los Angeles area, offering a wide variety of Hardwood floor services, including refinishing, installation, and restoration. Our hardwood flooring team, combines decades of experience and knowledge to provide our clients with the best in service that is customized to the client’s needs and extremely competitive pricing.

* Any type of Wood Floors Installation (including pre- finished, site finished and engineered.)

* A wide array of finishes (water based, oil based, Swedish as well as Eco Friendly)

* Customized Hardwood Floor inlays that will truly make your home one of a kind. If you can dream it, we can make it.

* Custom Staining

* Custom Exotic Wood Flooring

* Hardwood Floor Repairs

* Board Replacement

* Hardwood Floor Resurfacing

* Hardwood Floor Sanding, Buffing and Recoating

* Water Damage Restoration

* Hardwood Stairs Refinishing and Repairs


Looking for an affordable way to increase the equity in your home? Installing hardwood floors is just the way to do that. Hardwood floors are a feature many home buyers are looking for in a home because of their ever growing popularity, and elegance. Installing hardwood floors is not only a way to increase the equity of your home, but is also a beautiful feature to your home that you will enjoy as well. Hardwood flooring offers many well-known advantages. It’s natural, beautiful, warm, & easy to maintain. It costs less than other high quality floor coverings, but lasts dozens of years. It also creates a healthy living environment, minimizing the risks of dust allergies. Available in many styles with a wide variety of features, hardwood flooring can complement any decor. Hardwood enhances a home's interior, and adds much to its resale value. Take the time to compare the many possible floor coverings, & consider their benefits over the long term. Think about the feel you want to give your home. Avoid imitations especially wood-look laminates. Natural is beautiful! Above all, choose wood for your home because you love its warmth, & beauty.

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